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National Ballet School

Diploma in Professional Dance

The Diploma in Professional Dance is a comprehensive training program designed for individuals who wish to pursue a career in dance. This program provides students with a strong foundation in classical ballet technique, as well as the opportunity to refine their skills in contemporary dance.


Throughout the course, students will develop their own artistic style and voice, exploring their creativity and learning how to choreograph their own work. They will also gain valuable insights into the business side of the dance industry, learning about marketing, networking, and other important skills that are necessary for success.


The program’s emphasis on performance will allow students to showcase their talents in a variety of venues and settings, including mainstage performances, theatres, festivals, and other public events. Additionally, the smaller cohort numbers provide students with close mentoring and support from their teachers, enabling them to receive personalised attention and guidance as they work towards achieving their goals.


On completion of this program, students will be well-prepared to audition for ballet and contemporary dance companies, as well as to pursue other opportunities in the dance industry. With a strong foundation in technique, creativity, and business skills, graduates of this program will be equipped to excel in a wide range of dance-related careers.

Registrations for auditions for the 2024 National Ballet School intake now open. The National Ballet School also offers an Advanced Diploma of Professional Dance, and a Certificate IV in Dance.

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