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Bachelor Degree

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University of Tasmania

Bachelor of Architecture and Built Environments (P3H)

The Bachelor of Architecture and Built Environments is a pre-professional course designed to ensure our graduates have the competencies necessary to gain admission to the Master of Architecture and equivalent courses in design fields addressing the built environment.

Core units within the program develop rigorous and creative thinking, and provide a grounding in sustainable and ethical practice. Choice Units and Electives enable you to design your portfolio and skill set, allowing entry into careers and pathways in your field of interest.

Learning Outcomes

  • 1 Critically relate the ethical, legal and political implications of design in the built environment in order to demonstrate socially and environmentally responsible Architecture.
  • 2 Engage expert and non-expert audiences in imagining, visualising, and realising spatial design propositions.
  • 3 Apply Architectural knowledge, skills and practices relating to the spatial and built environment in relation to people, cultures, environments and technologies.
  • 4 Propose and test speculative built environment futures for abstract, real or virtual contexts through iterative methods of visualisation, fabrication and critique.
  • 5 Formulate and justify Architectural positions on complex issues in the design of the built environment by drawing on a breadth and depth of disciplinary knowledge and methods of inquiry.