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Mothers pressured to hide their kids

As a culture that worships individual creativity and sniffs at 'family values', the arts can be startlingly cruel to a…


Seven habits of mind that will boost your arts career

Career-building isn't all skills and it isn't just who you know. Self-awareness can make your attitude and approach a tangible…


The new tertiary wars

A highly competitive job market pushes art graduates to test the credibility of both TAFE and university sectors.


Great expectations set students up for a fall

Course outlines can offer tantalising visions to prospective students but some who go in planning a creative arts career are…


Should you do a PhD?

A PhD can open doors for artists and creatives—but only if accompanied by some clever strategising.


Melbourne Knowledge Week: catch up with the future

Witness technology alter our perception of human performers, discover how visual art is changing clinical practice in the health sciences,…

Opinions & Analysis

Banned books, good boys and sad girls

Against fears of negative media effects, study finds that youth reading banned books actually contributes to positive social behavior, although…


Breakfast for the star in you

Part-athlete, part-artist, performers place enormous demands on their bodies so physical training and good nutrition need to be on the…

Opinions & Analysis

Whose arts policy will Victorians vote for?

Melbourne’s live music scene, graffiti policies, privatisation, funding, international opportunities and a new arts agency are all on the agenda…

Opinions & Analysis

Are arts organisations tied up in red tape?

With key services to deliver to the community, arts organisations are nevertheless increasingly forced to excel at the art of…

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