Nanci Nott

Nanci Nott is an Australian writer who believes in dismantling traditional pedagogy in parenting and education, for the purpose of raising freethinking, compassionate, world-changers.

Nanci's Latest Articles


Book review: Devotion, Hannah Kent

Hannah Kent’s stunning third book is a queer love story that transcends time and space.


Ballet review: The Sleeping Beauty, West Australian Ballet

Elite visual storytelling thrills in the form of dance.


Book review: Scary Monsters, Michelle de Kretser

Scary Monsters explores alienation with subtlety, insight and ambiguity.


Book review: Muddy People, Sara El Sayed, Black Inc

An intricate memoir that traverses the muddy divides between child and adult, tradition and change, self and other and identity…


Exhibitions review: Innovation and the Mandurah 9x5 Art Prize, WA

Deborah Zibah’s solo exhibition of large scale abstract art is perfectly balanced by the community-compiled collection of 9x5 boards.


Book review: She is Haunted, Paige Clark, Allen & Unwin

A bitingly clever short story collection about life, loss, relationships, and identity.


Theatre review: Picnic at Hanging Rock, Mandurah Performing Arts Centre, WA

An iconic gothic mystery that retains – and improves upon – the flavour of its predecessors.


Book review: The Airways by Jennifer Mills, Pan Macmillan

A ghost story about boundaries, contamination, and the porous corporeality of existence.


Book review: Dissolve by Nikki Gemmell, Hachette

An intoxicating exploration of erasure, heartbreak, and self determination.