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Robust Analytics

Robust Analytics

Track your entire social media footprint

Go beyond Facebook and Twitter with analysis on important metrics for more than a dozen social networks and blog platforms, as well as Yelp business reviews. Track hashtag and keywords across all your social networks.more...

Multitude of supported social media channels.
With Social Analytics Tool you can track the performance of everything from your Facebook pages and Twitter profiles, to business reviews, site performance and blogs. The data from your social channels is downloaded and laid out on a powerful reporting dashboard.

Access your data Access your data using a powerful reporting dashboard. Download and export all available data and reporting any time.

Compare network performance Compare network performance; understand the impact of your social media presence on your business.

All of your social data needs Social Analytics Tool is a one stop shop for all of your social data needs. You no longer have to log in to every social network account you have to try and make sense of the data.

  Campaign Publisher

Campaign Publisher

Get your message out!

Post messages simultaneously to as many social networks as you wish. Choose to post immediately or schedule for later. Measure conversations and engagement - all from your dashboard.more...

Get your message out and measure the impact.
Post messages simultaneously to as many social networks. Choose to post immediately or schedule for later - all from your dashboard.

Post to multiple social networksPost to multiple social networks at the same time. Craft a specific post just for your Twitter accounts.

Post immediatelyPost immediately or set a specific time in the future. Create a month worth of posts in just minutes.

Measure Measure the reach of your social messages and manage all your social accounts in one place.

Buzz Discovery

Buzz Discovery

Track any topic that interests you

See what's trending online and find out what is happening with the keywords that matter most to you with dynamic and UNLIMITED keyword searching.more...

Track any topic that interests you or related to your business.
Keep an eye on conversions surrounding a particular topic, you business or any keyword. Social Analytics Tool will both monitor and analyse social space for occurrences of a particular set of keywords that you've setup. You can setup and track the buzz around as many of these keywords as you like. There are multitudes of configuration options that give you complete control of how searches are conducted and how matches are determined.

Search over numerous channelsWe search over numerous social channels to bring you the results. Results are made available on your dashboard complete with profile of the user responsible for the matched content.

We conduct the searchesWe conduct the searches several times a day, ensuring that you are made aware of conversions as soon as they happen.

Identify key influencersIdentify key topic influencers (people who contribute to the particular topic the most). Categorised view of results allows you a way of further refining the search and identifying key finds.

  Measurable ROI

Measurable ROI

Connect the dots!

Use provided conversion snippet that you will place on your website to track conversions and determine ROI with a built in ROI calculator.more...

Measurable Return on Investment.
Connect the dots! It is futile to make any updates to your social networks, without having the knowledge or precise understanding of how your networks’ activities impact your everyday business operations. Social Analytics Tool offers you ability to figure out gaps and changes needed to your marketing strategies. With our many great metrics and analysis tools you are sure to increase your reach and overall profitability.

Track clicksTrack clicks on your post. We bring a lot of very useful insight: clicks by account, clicks by network, clicks by country and city, time of day, etc.

Track conversionsTrack conversions - while conversion may mean a number of different things to different people - in short - it represents an action you would like your users to take.

Meaningful conversationsNot all of the clicks generated by your social networks lead to meaningful conversations. With Social Analytics Tool you will be able to compare click conversions across multiple accounts, helping you make better decisions.

Reporting Export/Download

Reporting Export/Download

Downloadable reports in PDF & Excel format

Take the important metrics and information from your dashboard and export it however you wish. Create reports or choose individual graphs and categories from the dashboard.more...

Stop logging in and out of social media accounts to gather data.
Social Analytics Tool offers several PDF reports that are ready to be generated as soon as you connect your accounts to the dashboard. They are focused on overall performance, campaign results, geography, demographics and a lot more.

Download or export PDF reportsYou can download or export PDF reports with all the analysis on your social media performance.

Post messages immediatelyPost messages immediately or set a specific time in the future. Create a month's worth of posts in just minutes.

Valuable toolThis is a valuable tool that harnesses the power of all the scattered data across your social media platforms and translates it into meaningful information that will help you make informed business decisions.

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