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Resin & Silicone Workshops presented by Barnes Products, Chatswood

RESIN ART WORKSHOP Saturday 8 April, 9am – 12pm $120 Presented by Barnes Products, Chatswood

Ever wanted to make your own masterpiece in resin and weren’t sure where to start? We’ll guide you through the process in this hands-on Resin Art Workshop. You’ll design and create a 30cm x 40cm canvas. Resin will be provided along with an abundance of colours and effects to create a piece of art you’ll be proud to hang on your wall.

In this three to 3.5 hour class our instructor will demonstrate unique pattern techniques, as well as mixing pigments, pearlescents and other materials into the resin, and help you to make an exciting and unique artwork. This class is designed for beginners. More experienced students may find they need less time to complete their artworks.

Due to the professional grade of resin used in the class we will arrange for your artwork to be delivered to your home or work within 7 days, once it has fully cured.

What You Will Learn
• Create a work of resin art
• Learn how to work with resin
• Take home skills to use to create your own artworks at home

What You Get
• One 30 × 40cm canvas of resin art

SILICONE MOULD & RESIN JEWELLERY MAKING WORKSHOP Saturday 8 April, 1pm – 5pm $160 Presented by Barnes Products, Chatswood

This specialist masterclass will teach you the techniques of making your own bangle mould from scratch. Bring along a bangle you love and learn how to make a mould from it, or select one of our bangles on display, the choice is yours. Please note: if the item you bring is too large or has features that make it unable to be moulded on the day, you can choose from one of the bangles in our range to make your mould.

This masterclass allows you to explore the mouldmaking process and to learn how to cast with resin. For those who have already attended the Resin Jewellery Workshop, this class will allow you to learn mouldmaking techniques while also expanding your resin casting skills.

In the first part of the masterclass, you will learn how to create a mould box, prepare your bangle and make your mould out of Pinkysil silicone rubber.

In the second part of this workshop you get to select one of our bangle and ring moulds to learn the art of resin casting, whilst you wait for your mould to set. Choose your colours and designs and then work with our instructor to handcraft a unique resin bangle.

During the last stage of the masterclass, you will get to reveal your new bangle mould and finish the resin cast you’ve just made, ready to wear home and show off to your friends and family.

What You Will Learn
• Learn how to use a mould box
• Create a silicone mould
• Cast a bangle in resin

What You Get
• A mould, a resin bangle, and resin, left over silicone and pigments to take home.

ADVANCED WORKSHOPS Tuesday 11 April (Details to be announced shortly.) Presented by Barnes Products, Chatswood


Event starts
Saturday 8 April, 2017
Event Ends
Tuesday 11 April, 2017
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33 Laurel Street, Willoughby

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