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Place Leaders Asia Pacific and City of Canada Bay

BIG IDEAS IN PLACE: Place Leaders Asia Pacific Conference 2017

Place is a powerful expression of culture. Engendering a sense of ‘place’ and making of great public places takes an alchemy of elements — activity, material, structure, purpose and inspiration. Great places are memorable and stimulate emotional responses in people. They are successful expressions of creativity, civility and humanity.

The Place Leaders Asia Pacific conference is a global platform bringing together leading voices, makers, activators and visionaries from across the Asia Pacific to share, provoke, challenge, discover and experience the biggest trends and ideas shaping the future of our places.

The Asia Pacific region is alive with innovative processes and spaces ranging from remote communities to compact corners within our cities. We are looking for big ideas that respond to global trends affecting places at local levels; ideas that deliver fresh insights and new foresights into the unique character, value and leadership initiatives of the region.

In partnership with the City of Canada Bay, the Place Leaders Asia Pacific will present three days of workshops, presentations, knowledge exchange, tours and hacks at The Connection, Rhodes. The conference explores ways to create, activate and manage vibrant places for today and tomorrow.

Key highlights include:

  • Two day conference program packed with fresh ideas, keynote speakers, food trucks, place hacks and networking. 
  • The Great Debate: Place making — a product for property development not a process for the people.
  • Place by Place Forum: Exploring the importance of place thinking in affordable and social housing.
  • Workshops and tours included in your conference ticket.

Two Day conference tickets $750 full price (discounts available for early bird and Place Leaders Asia Pacific members)

The conference is designed for everyone involved in, or interested in the future of great places, cities and communities, including:

  • Place makers
  • Property developers
  • Event managers
  • Federal, state and local government representatives
  • Urban renewal/redevelopment representatives  
  • Directors of regional development agencies
  • Artists, curators and members of the creative Industries
  • Digital technology specialists and smart city planners
  • Urban, statutory, city and town planners
  • Policy, project directors and officers
  • Architects, landscape and urban designers
  • Infrastructure project managers and construction firms

For more information and to check out the full conference program:

You may also be interested in events presented in conjunction with the conference:

Rhodes Art Walk – Tuesday 30 May 2017 (free to conference attendees or tickets $50 full price):

The Great Place Debate: Place Making: A Product for Property Development Not a Process for the People – Tuesday 30 May 2017 (Free to conference attendees or tickets $50 full price):

Place by Place Forum – Exploring the importance of Place Thinking in Affordable and Social housing – Wednesday 31 May 2017 (tickets $140 full price:


Event starts
Monday 29 May, 2017
Event Ends
Wednesday 31 May, 2017
The Connection, Rhodes Community Precinct
Venue Address
30 Shoreline Drive, corner of Gauthorpe Street, Rhodes NSW 2138

Sydney, Rhodes

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