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Join Remote Ops to meet and converse with other people working on the edge. Remote Australia has plenty of isolation, space and openness to achieve new things. Here we can look both inwards to Australian practice and outwards to the future, new horizons and away from ‘normal’ ways of thinking and doing. Queer things happen out back; there is an abundance of weirdness, independence and strong self-reliance which supports trailblazing and experimentation. Remote operations are characterised by mixing, combining and sharing time and resources with diverse people in unique places, forming and working with dynamic combinations and teams.

The Remote Ops event uses a combination of structured presentations and scheduled open space sessions to ensure there is time for both provocations and conversations.

Thursday 6th April

9:00AM - 5:00PM

67 Bath St Alice Springs, NT 0870

$121 Organisation price

$55 Individuals

Includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea with a vegan-gluten-free option.



Event starts
Thursday 6 April, 2017
Event Ends
Thursday 6 April, 2017
Remote Ops
Venue Address
67 Bath St Alice Springs, NT 0870

Northern Territory, Alice Springs

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