Pachamama Festival Unravels Secrets of the Night Sky

Opening night on Friday 15 June features a fusion of Australian/ Latino rhythms headlined by the Maroubra Caves Crew featuring Pamela Rodriguez (Teyuna Collective), Feña Coloma (Teyuna Collective), Carlos Arango (Cumbiamuffin) plus special guests and dance performances.

Saturday 16 June features a free session by YARN Australia with local Indigenous Elders sharing stories about the constellations in the night sky. The yarn session happens just before a screening of Warwick Thornton’s film ‘We Don’t Need a Map’, exploring the cultural significance of the Southern Cross for Australia’s First People contrasted against more modern appropriations of the cross as a symbol.

The film program traverses the southern skies across to South America for an encounter of another kind.

Indigenous stories around the world have long told of ‘star people’ who have revealed themselves to shamans or medicine men through visions. ‘The Witness’ is the story of one such phenomena in modern time of a famous alien encounter of a young boy named Juan in the north-east of Argentina in the 70’s.

Other activities include a workshop in chocolate making, and a weaving workshop to learn the skills to coil weave a basket by reusing plastic bags and colourful yarn. Renowned environmental activist John Seed will present a workshop in Deep Ecology to nourish one's ecological identity and promote a felt-sense of connection to the Earth. The festival will feature fair trade and street food markets.

“Pachamama Festival is a space where people of diverse cultural backgrounds, come together to share, learn and reflect on our understanding and connections to nature. Together we’re creating a community that appreciates different systems of knowledge, reconnecting us with the ethos of living in harmony with the environment that surrounds us” - Festival Co-Founder Raquel Duron

Tickets available online at or on the door unless booked out.

“This project was supported by funding from Inner West Council for Open Inner West 2018, 10 days celebrating culture and diversity in June”


Event starts
Friday 15 June, 2018
Event Ends
Saturday 16 June, 2018
Addison Road Community Centre
Venue Address
142 Addison Rd, Marrickville

New South Wales, Sydney

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