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Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

Blake Day

Celebrate the 65th Blake Prize with us at a day filled with free workshops, performances and events!

Vestige Performance - 5 performances in the amphitheatre
Vestige is a collaboration with the public to design and perform personalised memorial ceremonies for losses that do not involve death. Participants will be invited to burn, destroy, dismantle, or even to scrub clean an object of evocative value; the remains of which will be placed in an urn for them to keep or discard in a location of their choosing. Part collaborative performance art, part ritual theatre, Vestige will offer participants the chance to say a proper goodbye to something they have lost.

Sh-ken-ta Installation
Sh-ken-ta will be opening to coincide with Blake Day. Please join the artist and volunteers responsible for its creation for conversation and musical interludes throughout the day.

This art installation explores the four elements of life (earth, water, fire and air) with the concept of soul resurrection as per the Mandaean mythology. This artwork symbolises the human body (mud=flesh, bamboos=bones, reeds=nerves) and also symbolises earth as a home of the soul as the body. Only three shkenta remain in the world and as such the practice is endangered. Materially this work will include red clay from local construction sites, locally cultivated bamboos, and tree trunks from local vegetation as well as human hair from local hairdressers in Liverpool.

Free Workshops
Romance with Liquids (16+)
Cosmic Webs (10+)
Unorthodox Salon (6-9)
Art Through Yoga (10+)

Exhibition Tours: 10.30am; 12.30pm; 2.30pm


Event starts
Sunday 3 June, 2018
Event Ends
Sunday 3 June, 2018
Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre
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1 Powerhouse Rd

New South Wales, Casula

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