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Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

AfroLatino Festival

Join us for a day of music, food, workshops and an opportunity to promote and celebrate the cultural diversity and the common cultural heritage of Australia’s Latin American and African communities living in Sydney.

Latin America has a 500+ year history of African descendants, including many Africans who were taken as slaves into the Americas during the transatlantic slave trade. African people brought with them their languages, traditions and culture, enriching the already diverse cultures present in Latin America. The Afro-Latino Festival was created as a platform where this history is explored, while the heritage is showcased, shared and celebrated. Today, the African diaspora is apparent all over the world and, in our own backyard, African cultural influences continue to enrich Sydney’s cultural diversity.


Event starts
Saturday 17 March, 2018
Event Ends
Saturday 17 March, 2018
Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre
Venue Address
1 Powerhouse Rd

New South Wales, Casula

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