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Australian Copyright Council

Understanding Copyright: New 2017 national seminar series

Respecting and understanding copyright has never been more important.

Understanding Copyright is a new seminar series hosted by the Australian Copyright Council, the 'go to' source for information on Australian Copyright Law.

Seminars are presented by experts in the field of copyright law who are up-to-date with the latest policies, laws and applications of copyright.

Using examples of recent case law to put your queries into context, this professional development series is a must for:

  • Content creators & copyright managers;
  • Website administrators & social media managers;
  • Librarians & archivists;
  • Museum & gallery professionals;
  • Educators & administrators in educational institutions; and
  • Government employees working for Commonwealth, State, or Territory bodies.

"Informative, engaging, and utterly relevant to those working in the museum and gallery sectors."

Register here.
For more information, please contact: | 02 9101 2377


Event starts
Monday 8 May, 2017
Event Ends
Wednesday 10 May, 2017
Venue Address
123 Queen Street, VIC 3000

National, Melbourne

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