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Athens Burns Bright!

A cultural tour of Athens Greece in February 2019 for creative producers, artists, thinkers, writers and innovators 

 Last year Vallejo Gantner (former director of New York’s PS122) and I (director of Kape Communications Pty Ltd) spent an incredible week in Athens, meeting with artists, producers and major cultural institutions. There are some very exciting creative developments in this ancient and regenerating city.  

We are inviting creative producers, artists, thinkers, writers and cultural innovators to participate in a five-day creative and cultural research tour of Athens in February 2019

On our journey in 2017, we sought to understand the new dynamism in Athens’ creative ecology - particularly as the city emerges out of a debilitating ten-year financial crisis.  There are green shoots in the cultural ecology of Athens. Right now is an historic moment to be present in this creative revolution. 

 We are interested in the rise of new performance narratives, and their impact on the city as a regenerative and critical force. Equally we are interested in the demographic, social and economic developments in this post-crisis scenario. We love Athens and what we saw, and want to share it with you. Athens is creative, exhilarating, intense, political and hedonistic. It is also frustrated, sometimes defeated, and full of rage. 

 Artists, activists, institutions, communities, entrepreneurs and restaurateurs, from within Greece, and across the world are being be pulled into Athens. We want you to meet them, engage with them and explore collaborative programs for the future.

Over five days we will engage with contemporary programs such as; Mind the Fact Festival,explore and alternative music venues like Cantina Social, and the amazing Embros, an abandoned warehouse, now a performance space occupied by theatre, music, live art and contemporary dance. 

 We will have a curated visit to the remarkable New Acropolis Museum, the active and ancient theatre, Odeon of Herodes Atticusand other ancient institutions.  We will meet key figures in major institutions such as, the National Theatre of Greece, the Benaki Museumand the new cultural centres; Onassis Cultural Centreand The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Centre.  The tour also includes a tour of Athens’ inspired and famous street art

 We will enjoy Athens’ contemporary food, a plethora of bars, live music and spaces that make it one of the most dynamic cities in the world. A study in contrasts – a narrative encompassing resilience, history, globalisation, socio-economic change, gentrification, and cultural change. A very contemporary journey into one of the birthplaces of western culture. If you are want to join us on this unique learning experience, or wish to have more information please contact: Fotis Kapetopoulos through kape@iinet.net.auor +61 3 9486 2770.



Event starts
Sunday 10 February, 2019
Event Ends
Friday 15 February, 2019
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National, Athens

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