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Dialogue: Strengthening Relationships

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg and Greta Bradman deliver a dynamic presentation as part of the Arts Wellbeing Collective program. 

Within the performing arts there are unique challenges to maintaining and strengthening personal and professional relationships.  An ability to communicate constructively during challenging conversations can make all the difference to a positive outcome for a show, as well as to the development of positive working relationships, career outcomes, and individual mental health.

This workshop will introduce you to key strategies you can use to strengthen your relationships – with a partner, with friends and colleagues. You will be introduced to the concept of “validation” as an essential ingredient of effective relationships, and you’ll be guided through specific tools from Dr Marsha Linehan’s “six levels of validation”.

This workshop is one to help build a sustainable, meaningful career.

Attendance is free of charge to all team members of Arts Wellbeing Collective member organisations, and subject to capacity. To find out if your organisation is a member of the Arts Wellbeing Collective, visit

Thursday 6th April

2:30 - 4:30PM

The Pavilion, Arts Centre Melbourne



Event starts
Thursday 6 April, 2017
Event Ends
Thursday 6 April, 2017
The Pavilion, Arts Centre Melbourne
Venue Address
100 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC 3004

Melbourne, Melbourne

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