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Arts West presents The Art of Measurement; Contemporary Approaches to Arts Evaluation

Arts West are pleased to present The Art of Measurement; Contemporary Approaches to Arts Evaluation. Find out about the five measurable cultural outcomes for engagement in cultural development activities; learn the difference between an output and an outcome and why it matters; and hear how evaluations can assist in making your activities more meaningful and informative. You will also receive top tips for successful evaluations, practical tools, resources and templates to give you a framework to help you communicate your outcomes to your stakeholders.

WHEN:            Thursday 30th November, 10am-1pm
WHERE:          Footscray Community Arts Centre,  45 Moreland St,  Footscray
COST:               $10.00 Unwaged Artists & Producers / $30.00 Waged Artists & Organisations

Measurable cultural outcomes for engagement in cultural development activities.

Presented by John Smithies, Cultural Development Network

This session will introduce the five measurable cultural outcomes for engagement in cultural development activities (i.e. arts, libraries and heritage).  These measures have been endorsed by the National Local Government Cultural Forum and are in trial in Australia and overseas.  The significance of focussing on outcomes is discussed and how activities can change to reach better outcomes and how evaluation is meaningful and informative.  The session will explain the research and theory behind the schema and how it is being developed, through trials, for application in the field.

Capturing the elusive – measuring outcomes

Presented by Jenny Riley, Navigating Outcomes

Everyone is talking about outcomes and increasingly government and funders want us to report on outcomes. What is the difference between an output and an outcome? Why does it matter? What does an outcomes mindset mean? Who has ‘outcomes’? When do outcomes occur? What can we realistically expect in terms of short, medium and long term. How do we measure outcomes? How do we communicate our findings?

This session will cover some of the basics of outcome measurement in plain language. We will provide some examples, templates and tools so that you can walk away with a framework to help you communicate outcomes to your clients, staff, volunteers, board and funders.

Secrets of successful arts evaluation

Presented by Tandi Palmer Williams & Brooke Boyce, Patternmakers

Developing an evidence base through evaluation can be invaluable for arts and culture organisations. Evaluation demonstrates value beyond the number of people organisations interact with. It informs decision making, and helps organisations build strong cases for investment. It also sparks new thinking, and can help arts organisations contribute to broader conversations and public policy development.

But when resources are limited, what should you prioritise? How can you make it worthwhile and engaging for your team? And what little things can be done to ensure good value for money?

In this session, Patternmakers will share their top tips on how to set an evaluation up for success, and talk through some examples of evaluation in action. Tandi and Brooke will also share some practical tools and resources for practitioners looking to explore this space.


Event starts
Thursday 30 November, 2017
Event Ends
Thursday 30 November, 2017
Footscray Community Arts Centre
Venue Address
45 Moreland St, Footscray

Melbourne, Melbourne

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