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Justin Art House Museum

MUSIC for a Warming World

Do you enjoy world music? Are you concerned about the state of our precious planet? This performance synergises those feelings in a unique way and offers hope for the future.

Music for a Warming World; an eco-aesthetic journey into our future...

The world to which many of us were born no longer exists; the years ahead will be increasing disrupted by environmental, climatic and social changes that we are, as yet, poorly prepared for. Music for a Warming World takes communities into an informed and inescapably emotional encounter with that future. And then goes beyond that.

Performed by Simon Kerr (Guitars, Stomp, Vocals), Kylie Morrigan (Violin, Vocals), Scott Lewis (Keys, Vocals), Mal Webb (Bass, Horns, Vocals) and Christine Parker (VJ/laptop), Music for a Warming World uses live music and immersive visuals to offer an experience of hope.

When: Sunday 4 June – 7.00 pm
Where: JAHM, 3 Lumley Court, Prahran, VIC 3181
Cost: $30 including light supper
For more information, please contact Leah on 0403052641


Event starts
Sunday 4 June, 2017
Event Ends
Sunday 4 June, 2017
Justin Art House Museum
Venue Address
3 Lumley Crt, Prahran

Melbourne, Prahran

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