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Testing Grounds

Monotone Rainbow

This November Melbourne will be home to the nightly apparition of Monotone Rainbow at Testing Grounds art space, Southbank. While open to a multitude of interpretations, the large-scale rainbow installation stripped of colour most poignantly echoes contemporary fears for the fates of equality and climate change.

Each evening at dusk a ghostly rainbow will appear like an ethereal apparition. The project extends the artists interest in technology and optical phenomenon to create a black and white holographic rainbow. Recycled water and rear projection technology will form the illusion of a rainbow - stripped of the full colour saturation. Reminiscent of online gaming ‘nature’ interfaces, the ethereal spectre will be like a 3D hologram, manifesting each evening against the darkening sky.

Originally from regional Victoria, Melbourne based artist Nicole Breedon identifies that “the work reflects on the paradox within the state of affairs in the world today – a rainbow stripped of its colour is a symbolic reference of the beauty and sadness that co-exist in the current state of our world.” 

The act of presenting this universal symbol of love, hope and equality stripped of its iconic colours is bursting with references and interpretations. However this ambitious project inevitably strikes a chord with the current marriage equality debate. More broadly, the artist outlines her bleak outlook on politics, social justice, climate change and the current debate for equal rights for all Australian’s “basically, everything’s really fucking grim”.

The work also alludes to the artist’s distrust of humanity’s attempts to synthetically simulate natural beauty and how these ambitions often fall short of the majestic qualities of the real thing. It is the artists warning of the fragility of the natural world, an imploring call for us appreciate, recognise and work to prevent the declining health and balance of our surrounding environment.

Free and accessible for all to experience from dusk each evening at Southbank, the artist intends for people to encounter the work as they move through the city. From local residents and office workers on their way home, to visitors and contemporary arts audiences, the visual power of the artwork will offer a meditative space and destination for individuals and groups to gather and reflect.

Monotone Rainbow is supported by the City Of Melbourne Arts Grants Program Monotone Rainbow launches with a public opening at Testing Grounds on Friday 3rd of November at 6pm and is open to the public Wednesday to Saturday evening from dusk until 2 December.

Testing Grounds, Southbank 1-23 City Rd, Southbank VIC

Testing Grounds is wheelchair accessible.


Event starts
Friday 3 November, 2017
Event Ends
Saturday 2 December, 2017
Testing Grounds
Venue Address
Southbank 1-23 City Rd

Melbourne, Southbank

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