Greg Fleet – Heroes

Alex Schleibs

MICF: The Melbourne comedy legend returns to narrative form with an exploration of his lifetime of haphazard heroics.
Greg Fleet – Heroes
Life isn’t all spandex and bravery for your average superhero, especially if – like the adequate Mr Humanity – you’re part of a seriously average crime fighting crew.

Greg ‘Fleety’ Fleet is a seasoned performer and stand up comedian; in his new show, Heroes, he delves into the notion of everyday heroics and the fine line these deeds tread between bald-faced courage and complete insanity.

The show opens with a haunting monologue delving into the mythical Mr Humanity’s personal demons and inadequacies, and the theory that super villains only exist so as to contrast superheroes, poignantly explained in the beautiful children’s rhyme ‘Superman’s dead’. Then, in a flash of light, Mr Humanity is left to his despair and the hilarious Fleety steps onto the stage.

We all have stories about the moment or series of events that may have ended our young lives, but surely none are quite as entertaining as those that seem to befall Greg Fleet. His in-depth analysis of his own acts of courage starts with his childhood foiling of a robbery with the help of his trusty brindle St Bernard. While this selfless act didn’t make the front page of any regional newspaper, it did apparently set the stage for a lifetime of haphazard heroics.

Fleet goes on to detail an unbelievable and 100% verifiably true trip to Thailand in his youth, where he was held against his will by a criminal gang, only to escape and assault a taxi driver and then unintentionally become part of a Burmese student rebel gang who were in conflict with the local armed forces. As terrifying as this may seem, Fleety relives the ordeal with palpable humour, all the while maintaining that it was only through sheer stupidity that he survived.

Heroes is a giggle a minute and the most fun you can have at a show that’s not accompanied by an open bar. It’s not your typical Fleety gig, but it works. The show is fresh, exciting, captivating and stupidly funny. If you have ever fashioned a cape from a bath towel or questioned the underling sanity of a superhero, then Heroes is for you. Fleety is a superb storyteller of professional and his new show is a festival gem. Do yourself a favour and get along to this one. By the way Fleety, you owe me a pen!

Rating - 4.5 stars out of 5

Greg Fleet – Heroes
Melbourne Town Hall, Council Chambers
March 29 – April 22

Melbourne International Comedy Festival
March 28 – April 22

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