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Dave Thornton - The Some of All the Parts

Sama Hugo-Giali

MICF: Festival regular Thornton provides solidly delivered bang for your comedy festival buck in his latest stand-up show.
Dave Thornton - The Some of All the Parts
Dave Thornton provides first-class stand-up in his festival offering The Some of All the Parts. The show is loosely based on his experience of being asked to give an inspirational talk to a group of high school students. This premise provides an entry point to an evaluation of life choices, success, and generational differences but the hour is packed with plenty of witty asides along the way.

Despite a relaxed and affable stage presence, Thornton has clearly worked hard to craft a show that consistently delivers big laughs. His material also has heart, with stories about his mother and brother provide some nice moments. Establishing a rapport with the crowd from the outset, the Saturday night audience was loudly appreciative throughout a diverse set of subjects from the nouveau riche in Western Australia to his childhood hero, Michael Jordan.

Thornton’s style is definitely appealing; the audience can settle in and enjoy the show knowing they are in safe hands. There’s nothing too weird or dark to think about, just solidly delivered bang for your comedy festival buck.

Rating: Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Dave Thornton - The Some of All the Parts
Swiss Club
March 29 – April 22

Melbourne International Comedy Festival
March 28 – April 22

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Sama Hugo-Giali is a Melbourne based arts writer. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Cinema Studies from the University of Sydney and a Masters in Art Curatorship from the University of Melbourne.