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Sarah Snook

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GRIFFIN THEATRE COMPANY: Sarah Snook is appearing in Crestfall by Mark O’Rowe opens in the first week of January and runs 7-30 January.
Sarah Snook
Sarah Snook is an actress who graduated from NIDA in 2008. She performed in The Shape of Thingsand Love for Love in her third year, as well as the collaboration with the STC Ensemble for Gallipoli. Since then she has performed in DNA for the Old Fitz and played Cordelia and The Fool in King Lear, for the State Theatre Company (SA). In March she will be appearing on the Griffin Stage again as May in S-27. What did you want to be when you grew up? An actor or a teacher. More an actor just to copy my older sisters. What did you become? An actor? What's your official title? Ms Sarah R Snook…at least that’s what my credit card says. What's your background - how did you end up here? I was finishing year 12 and during my exams thought I’d do the NIDA auditions with my friend. Didn’t get in, but was put on first reserve. Two weeks til term started, someone dropped out and I got on a plane. How would you describe your work to a complete stranger? I have a degree in pretending to be other people. I’m either an actor or a spy…. What's the first thing career related you usually do each day? Think I need to clean my room to “clear my head space.” Can you describe an "average" working day for you? Get up, bus to the theatre, work on scenes. Discuss audience response, what they need to know, how we can make that happen. Go home, walk the dog, learn lines. Who or what in the arts world most inspires you? People in the New York theatre world of the 1940s to 50s. They were incredible. A community dedicated to the theatre, to a theatre that was inspiring and affordable (when you had job). “Shall we buy an ironing board, or go to the theatre 3 times this week?” We all know it’s tough but we can help each other and make it work. What's the toughest challenge you've dealt with on the job? Self doubt. What's the best piece of advice you were ever given for your career? “Do what you want, regardless of the risk”. The problem is being honest about what you want. What are the top three skills you need in your particular role? Well….My character’s a nymphomaniac, so I spose flexibility?...Confidence, sass, and a mercurial depth. What's the best thing about your job? It doesn’t feel like one. And the worst? When it does… No, when you let yourself get in the way of yourself too often. And if you had to sum your working life in a word or phrase, what would it be? Often enough to call yourself an actor, infrequent enough to be a waitress as well. ************ Sarah Snook is appearing in Crestfall by Mark O’Rowe opens in the first week of January and runs 7 – 30 January. Special offer to all ArtsHub members and friends $23 tickets to see Crestfall. Book online and type in promo code ‘FALL’ to purchase your tickets.

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