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The Base: Spencer Tunick in Sydney

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(NSW) "The base, the core, the heart of any truly free society depend on its acceptance of its diverse community as equal citizens" Spencer Tunick.
The Base: Spencer Tunick in Sydney
(NSW) Spencer Tunick commissioned by New Mardi Gras with assistance from the City of Sydney. When Spencer Tunick spoke to ArtsHub about the latest mass bodied work he is set to create on the steps of the Opera House he says he was happy they even got access to the venue. The Base is set to be he says “a canvas of bodies surrounding the Opera House.” Tunick explains that he is fond of bases as the force that holds any sculpture in place. “I express myself through the body rather than words and my idea is that any significant base is the core to any future open minded democratic society with equal rights to all members of a community. So these two ideas are at the core of this work.” And the greatest challenge for this sort of work? It’s not so much the gathering of the people he says, “…although this operation is turning out to be very difficult because we want people that are across all sectors of society – straight and gay and lesbian as opposed to just one. We want this cultural equality and for this fabric to be strongly intertwined.” Another focus in this sort of work he says is the “location, and the position of the body and how it works in harmony with the architecture – so that duality of trying to create something that is equal but separate is there.” Since 1992, Spencer Tunick has done more than 95 short-lived, site-specific installations across the United States, Canada, and overseas, and when asked if he ever felt in danger of feeling contained by this part of his creative work he explains that this is only one of a series of works he creates. “I do do many different series” he says. “I do a party series which involves nudes but not in mass groups. I also have a one person show of individual portrait series. And when I do this sort of work I do look to change the work in some way. I only do three of these a year – so it is still fresh. For me I only get three days to be there and make this sort of work. “I am always working and every time that I take on a project I get something new out of it.” MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THE BASE AT THE SYDNEY MARDI GRAS If you want to create a moment in history by shedding your clothing and taking part in The Base, a new large-scale work by internationally renowned installation artist, Spencer Tunick. This is your chance to participate in Tunick’s first large-scale installation in Sydney, developed especially for the Mardi Gras Festival. Tunick’s art challenges the preconceived notions of nudity and the culturally charged connotations that are associated with it. In his work, it is the beauty inherent in all human beings that prevails. On 1 March, be among thousands of other nude participants in the creation of one of the largest public art projects ever produced in the heart of Sydney and experience this once-ina- lifetime opportunity. Each participant receives a print as a thank you. More information on the location and time will be communicated via email to participants. For more information visit:

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