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In Brief: SPA wants more consultation on Draft Code of Practice


Screen Producers Australia looks for feedback on its draft of the Screen Industry Code on Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Harassment.
In Brief: SPA wants more consultation on Draft Code of Practice

Image: leaving old, ruined ideas to die in the desert.

The name says it all and covers pretty well all the current social justice and employee protection flashpoints. The Screen Industry Code on Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Bullying. 

However, it is driven by one vital difference from documents in other sectors - this is designed to cover productions and not offices, as SPA has reminded Screenhub. 


By the time it finishes talking to the stakeholders and processing industry feedback, it will be thoroughly worked through and as consensual as possible in the real world. 

This is not about gesture politics. A lot of work has to be done in some quarters to create a modern, honest, respectful working environment. This is an industry, after all, which prizes toughness and working under pressure. It tolerates long working hours against a relentless clock. The powerful are side by side with the vulnerable. 

The victims of the system are deeply enraged, and this gives them power to make changes. The document is clear and lucid, and contains educational material which illustrates the code and explores the legal implications. 

SPA CEO announced a three week consultation period which will close on 4 May. CEO Matthew Deaner is quoted as saying

 'I welcome all interested parties to review the Industry Code and send us their comments.

We have sought to learn from our colleagues in government and industry the best-practice approach to these issues. Unfortunately, we know that discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and bullying occurs in every industry and our industry has some unique characteristics, which the Industry Code takes into account.

SPA thanks the collaborative approach undertaken by Live Performance Australia and the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance in developing the Industry Code. Our goal is a single industry standard that will be easily understood by employers and employees across the country.'

The documents released for consultation are:

Mr Deaner also committed SPA to rolling out training for employers and employees to understand the Industry Code and implementation.

For more information on the Industry Code, contact James Cheatley (Director of Government Relations & Policy –


MIPTV has published two comments on the diversity issue which remind us this is a global wave:

Dato’ Rohana Rozhan, CEO Astro Group on diversity within the TV industry: “Our job is to tell stories, to empathise, to intuitively relate to the customers that we aspire to serve…And if the marketplace is 50/50 men and women, we should be that. If the market place is different races, different ethnicities, different religions, we should be that.”

Sean CohanPresident, International & Digital Media, A+E Networks on why he has joined the new MIP Markets Diversity Advisory Board: “I am joining because of the striking need for and continuing lack of inclusion and diversity and the air-tight business case for it. Some of the best creative is coming from places and voices that our industry hasn’t sought out. I got tired of looking around and not seeing rooms of professionals that reflect these dynamics.”

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