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Box Office 19 June 2017 - does a flop make a sound if no-one goes to watch?

David Tiley

Right now some key US studios are on their knees thanking the international market. Their domestic response is positively mummified.
Box Office 19 June 2017 - does a flop make a sound if no-one goes to watch?

Image; Hotel Coolgardie.

Hounds of Love is at $130,000 in three weeks off six screens at just under $3000/screen. Down 37%. It will do a bit more and then wander around to regional cinemas. 

Hotel Coolgardie, said to be a hoot, has made $15,566 in a week, off three cinemas at $3265/screen. Whiteley is on $241,000, after six weeks, now on 13 screens for $479/screen. 


Despicable Me lurches into the market with $5.9m off 456 screens at $13000/screen. We've beaten the US where it has not yet released. 

Wonder Woman made $3.6m in its third week, is up to $20.5m, is on 390 screen at $8700/screen. ($360m in the US, and $750m altogether off a $197m budget. $50m from China.)

The Mummy is muddling into its second week, now at $8m, dropping 107 screens to 471 in a week, which is a humiliating statistic. $4,600/screen. ($73m in US, $315m around the world, off a $165m budget so it's bacon is being saved by overseas audiences even without China. South Korea is highest on $24m.)

Baywatch is just rank, with $8.55m in three weeks, now on $3337/screen, having lost 132 screens to 271. Down 58% in a week. ($72m in the US, $84m around the world for a $156m total off a $90m budget. 

Pirates of the Caribbean is slipping fast too, but it has made $14m in four weeks. Now on $2576/ on 248 screens. You can see where Despicable Me cut its hole in the market. (US - $197m, overseas is $657m with $300m budget. $190m from China.)

General pattern now seems to be about putting a film out on more screens and abandoning earlier to create a faster, deeper cycle. 

In the interesting films, My Cousin Rachel has brooded and huffed to $925,000 in two weeks off 73 screens so it hasn't gone beyond its older Palace market. Not that they tried. $3856/screen, which is not inspiring but Palace controls the venues so it will hang on for a proper milking. In the US this has tanked. $2.6m. Fox Searchlight will not be happy.

Churchill is at $767,000 in its two weeks, off 86 screens at $2594/screen. The world is not ready for a drunken Winnie. Viceroy House is at $2.75m so the world is ready for an acerbic vision of the Raj. 

Kedi, the great cat film, is not doing as well as we hoped. Just because it is a clever film. $52,500 off ten screens at $4000/per. Time to get cat experts on the breakfast shows getting teary and carrying kittehs. In the US it has done $3.6m which makes it a success, off 130 theatres in 130 days. UK figures will help, surely.

Coming up

The Emily Dickinson film, A Quiet Passion, starts on Thursday. Palace will be quivering with anticipation. So will the cineastes - it is a Terence Davies film. The weekend will be a battlefield, with Bug: Micro Monsters 3d, Cars 3, Detour, McLaren, Transformers: The Last Knight and Una all out there together. Not much space for the littlies. 

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David Tiley is the editor of Screen Hub.