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Box Office 16 April 2018 - are we seeing the death of whimsy?

David Tiley

Two charming films are dying quickly at the box office, although Peter Rabbit is still stealing a lot of lettuce.
Box Office 16 April 2018 - are we seeing the death of whimsy?

Early Man - too daft for the modern world? Image: publicity

The film with the highest per screen average this week is A Quiet Place, which held its ground very well for the second week so word of mouth is helping it along. With $8337/per screen off 282 screens it has made $6.03m in two weeks. 

The pic cost $22m to make and has taken $129m in ten days in the US. So business in Australia is slightly down on North America on a per capita basis but still very high for a fright film. 


Peter Rabbit still made $2.5m over the weekend, gained 33 screens and lost a mere 13%, which is terrific for week 4. Two weeks ago we were wondering if it would be clobbered by the gradual reveal of the school holidays this year, but it has held in very well. It is doing $5746/screen and has made $19.235m. The world figure is now $383m, with $33m from China. 

Creature feature Rampage has top slot as gorillas turn out to be even more enticing than sharks. $3.092m. $44m in the US so bang on the same average returns. World total is $192m off a $155m budget so not shining so far. China to come. 

Ready Player One looked a bit soggy to start off but has done $11.4m in three weeks. 

Isle of Dogs has done less business than its advertising might suggest. $923,000 in its first week, wisely kept to 123 screens by Fox, at $6820/screen. In North America it has made $24m in 24 days with a lot to come internationally. Not doing well despite ace reviews. 

Black Panther is still around after trousering over $40m. The Death of Stalin is chugging on with $1.592m in three weeks in the care of Madman, on 59 screens at $4467/per. The Party from the same company is doing pretty well on thirty screens at $5800 as Sally Potter has a small but intense following. 

Surprisingly Early Man is looking very frail. The Aardman film on 241 screens has only made $861,000 with Studio Canal, with $1057/screen in its first official week after extensive previews. $62m around the world. 

Distant Sky, the Nick Cave concert film on very limited release made $130,350. It is on 54 screens at $2413/screen, but has been selling out. So it has been playing in small corners of the complexes. 

In the limited release space, The Song Keepers is on two screens, at $1448/screen to make $4760. Probably very little spent on promotion but it is a lovely film. 

After five weeks Ai Wei Wei's Human Flow has taken $173,591 on nine screens at $433/screen. Again, tiny cinemas but an excellent film. 

The Square must be ready to end after seven weeks. Now down to eight screens, making $882/screen, it has taken $412,000. It is very, very good. 

About the author

David Tiley is the editor of Screen Hub.