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That’s it, actors. A robot can replace you.


An android robot is one of the actors in a play that won an international technology award.
That’s it, actors. A robot can replace you.
“Humanoid robot” Geminoid F will star alongside “real human” Bryerly Long in a play to show in Melbourne later this month. Seinendan Theatre Company’s “Sayonara: Android-Human Theatre” was recently awarded the top prize at ARS Electronica Festival in Austria, which celebrates experimentation and innovation across art, technology and society. Penned by Oriza Hirata, in collaboration with robot specialist Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, “Sayonara” tells the story of a young girl facing terminal illness. With her, her gentle natured robot caretaker who reads poetry to her. The play asks the big question: “What does life and death mean to humans and robots?” Based in Japan, the Seinendan Theatre Company present this exclusive session for the Melbourne Arts Centre. Audiences will be the first to see the “extended” version of the play outside of Japan, with a new second act performed both in English and Japanese. Hirata is one of Japan’s leading playwrights and directors, and his company Seinendan has toured throughout Japan and internationally, including North America, Europe and Asia. At the conclusion of the performance, a Q & A with Professor Ishiguro and director Oriza Hirata will be conducted. The discussion will be mediated by Marita Cheng, founder of RoboGirls and recipient of the Young Australian of the Year Award for her leadership and encouragement of women in robotics. Sayonara performs August 24-25 in the Fairfax Studio, Arts Centre Melbourne. For bookings, phone 1300 182 183 or book online at the Arts Centre website

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