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Peats Ridge wins Greener Festivals Award


Greener Festivals has awarded Peats Ridge Sustainable Music and Art Festival as a winner in their 2011 awards.
Peats Ridge wins Greener Festivals Award
International organisation Greener Festivals has announced Peats Ridge Sustainable Music and Arts Festival as a winner in their 2011 awards. The award follows the inclusion of Peats Ridge United Nations as a founding partner to the agency’s Music & Environment Initiative last year, making them the only organisation to receive an invitation. Festival Director Matt Grant was over the moon about the win. “Festivals worldwide compete for Greener Festivals’ Sustainable Event accolades so it’s amazing news we have taken home an “Outstanding” for Australia. Glastonbury in England and Lollapalooza in the United States were given a “Highly Commended” so it really shows we are leading the world in this area,” he said. “The key for Peats Ridge is that sustainability it’s not just an additional project - it is the heart and soul of the Festival. “We were so proud when our former sustainability manager went to Glastonbury in 2007 to help them build their program. We really want to share sustainability know-how with the world, whether it’s through educating people at the Festival and showing them how easy it is to be green, sharing our knowledge at the UN, or through our staff,” he said. The 2011 Festival will take its sustainability even more seriously than in previous years, working to minimise landfill as much as possible. “Working with our Festival family – the patrons, last year we were at around the 70 percent mark of our waste diverted from landfill. We’re hoping to push it even further this year. We’re trialling reusable cups this year which should cut down our waste enormously,” said Sustainability Manager, Nic Moodie. Some of the festival’s major sponsors, Bluetongue Brewery and Nissan LEAF will work in conjunction with Peats Ridge to support sustainability. The Brewery – located just 20km from the festival - is one of the most environmentally sustainable globally and will ship product directly to the festival to reduce miles, while the new Nissan LEAF is 100 per cent electric – zero petrol – and will be on display at the festival. Peats Ridge will also host a planting day with Greening Australia on the grounds to protect and bolster the surrounding bushland. "We’re very excited to have Greening Australia on board this year running the planting day. They are a fantastic organisation that is doing amazing bio diversity work and carbon sequestration all over Australia,” says Moodie. Other initiatives include the Ecoliving Village, which will return with workshops, talks and films; reducing flush toilets with grey water management and reuse; organic food at stalls; biodegradable cutlery; onsite bike couriers; soy based ink printing and natural cleaning products. When the festival began in 2004 Peats Ridge set the benchmark for creating a sustainable event. While many festivals have started to green their processes, very few have reached the same standard. The Festival is working hard towards world’s best practices for sustainability including 100% renewable energy - running the site through solar and biodiesel generators. Visit for more details.

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