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Kickstarter to launch Down Under

Cory Zanoni

Kickstarter will soon be opening its service to Australian and New Zealand projects.
Kickstarter to launch Down Under

Given the prominence of Kickstarter, it may come as a surprise it’s not open to Australian and New Zealand projects. But that’s going to change. ‘Soon.’

A page has appeared on the Kickstarter website saying that the service will open to local campaigns in the near future along with a form allowing people to say what kind of projects they’re keen to promote.

The company will also be in Australia in September to host ‘Kickstarter schools’ in Sydney (1 September) and Melbourne (2 September).  

‘If you have a project in mind and want to run it by us, or if you just want to learn more about Kickstarter, we hope you'll join us!’ says the website.

While Australian and New Zealand already has crowdfunding services in Pozible and Indiegogo, Kickstarter is the big one. The service rose to prominence when video game developer Double Fine asked for $400,000 to develop a game but instead received $3.2 million.

Since then, the service has become a beacon for dare-to-dream projects. According to a ‘Best of 2012’ page the Kickstarter website, in 2012 over two million people pledged $319,786,629 to successfully fund over 18,000 projects. (Video game projects received the most of that money with $83 million.)

By opening up its doors to Australia and New Zealand, Kickstarter will present local artists with a significant audience to which to pitch their wares.

(Pictured:Kickstarter's new page for Australia and New Zealand.)

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