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Expanded Architecture returns


Expanded Architecture returns this year as part of the 2011 Sydney Architecture Festival.
Expanded Architecture returns
The immensely successful Expanded Architecture returns this year as part of the 2011 Sydney Architecture Festival. For one night only the beautiful foyer space at CarriageWorks will host this year’s exhibition on Wednesday 26 October. The Festival will feature collaborative, site-specific moving image projects and filmic installations. For those unfamiliar with Expanded Architecture, the program began as an architecture film festival and panel discussion in November 2010 at Performance Space at CarriageWorks. Bringing together a mixture of films from over 40 Australian and overseas architects and artists, the evening concentrated on the intersections of avant-garde film, expanded cinema and architecture and posed the question ‘what is architectural film?’ Consistently democratic in their approach, Expanded Architecture’s invitation was open to anyone with an interest in architecture, art and film, including artists, filmmakers, architects, design professionals and students. Submissions were merely asked to respond to the CarriageWorks foyer or its immediate urban context. Founded by Sarah Breen Lovett, a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Architecture Design and Planning, University of Sydney, Expanded Architecture is not only an exhibition but the working title of her research. The aim is to explore occupations of architecture through moving image installation. Interested in the Filmic and Light Play Experiments of the 1920s Bauhaus movement as well as the 1960s-70s Expanded Cinema movement, Expanded Architecture incorporates all her interests. The 2011 event is co-curated by Lee Stickells and Yvette Hamilton. Stickells is a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning at the University of Sydney. Interested in the shifting conceptions of architecture’s urban role, he also directs the Master of Urban Design program. He also serves as co-editor of Architectural Review. Hamilton represents the artistic side of this mixture of architecture and art. A Sydney based photographic and film artist, Hamilton also works as a TV producer and editor. Concerned primarily with the liminal realm between space and consciousness, her work is influenced by phenomenological and ontological theory, as well as theories of the sublime. This interest sees her search out a creative relationship between internal psychological and external landscapes, as well as exploring the shifting relations of light and dark within photography and film making. Her work is routinely shown around Australia, and has also been featured in exhibitions in London and Slovenia. Together these passionate people have selected the successful applicants for this year’s Expanded Architecture program, which includes: FloodSlicer + Beth Steven Adam Russell (DRAW) + Suzy Pickles (Kann Finch/Staple Design) The Conductors (Thomas Rivard, Michael Lewarne, Francesca Veronesi, Paul J. Warren) Killanoodle (Michael Killalea, Sarah Barns, Ian Plowman) MNP Projects (Linda Matthews, Sarah Nolan, Gavin Perin) Lucy Rimmer + Irina Belova Marcia Jane - MoFo - Nicholas Maurer - Office Feuerman Bert Bongers - Tega Brain Date: Wednesday, October 26 Time: 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM Cost: Free, booking required Where: Carriageworks 245 Wilson Street Eveleigh

Expanded Architecture 04 - Window Wound 01 from sarah breen lovett on Vimeo.

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