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Jon Rose wins the Don Banks Music Award


Wire fence musician and inventive violinist Jon Rose has been awarded the Australian Council Don Banks Music Award for his efforts and contribution to Australian music.
Jon Rose wins the Don Banks Music Award
Wire fence musician Jon Rose has been awarded the Australian Council Don Banks Music Award for his efforts and contribution to Australian music. Jon Rose was presented the prestigious award by Matthew Hindson, Chair of the Australia Council Music Board on Wednesday night, 21 March in a ceremony at the Museum of Western Australia, as part of the Tura New Music 2012 Program launch. “Jon’s influence as a musical maverick and innovator is appreciated worldwide,” said Hindson, “Jon has an uncanny ability to see the musicality of everyday activities, situations and objects. He finds music in everything and encourages us to see that the world is musical. He stands as a role model of courage and persistence for talented artists on the fringes. It is a great honour for us to present him with the Australia Council Don Banks Music Award.” Jon Rose is a jack-of-all-trades in the acoustic world. His contributions to the Australian music, that won him the coveted award, ranged from starting up the first musician-run collective in the country for the promotion and recording of improvised music, Fringe Benefit in 1977, to curating his own touring festival and setting up the Australia Ad lib website for the ABC, a guide and catalogue for lowbrow music in Australia. He started out the violin which he learnt as a child in the United Kingdom but is now known for recording compositions on wire fences across Australia, including ‘Dog Fence’ and ‘Rabbit-Proof Fences’ under The Great Fences of Australia. Another of Rose’s projects is the Relative Violin Project, a focus on his traditional instrument and the many applications it has including founding a semi-fictional violin museum, a culmination of his life’s work over four decades. Jon Rose is also known for interactive electronics, merging sport and media with music, and developed bicycle-powered musical instruments for an entire chamber orchestra as part of a project titled Pursuit, which will restaged as part of the Centenary of Canberra celebrations in 2013. The innovator’s recent escapades have included expanding his fence music to the USA/Mexico border, being arrested by the Israeli Defence Force for attempting to play on the Separation Fence in the Occupied Territories, and radiophonic works for the BBC on the history of the first Aboriginal string orchestra in 19th century Australia. The Don Banks Music Award is awarded to a nominated person who is a senior veteran in the Australian music industry that has made ‘Outstanding contributions in Australian music’, with an annual reward of $60,000 dollars granted to musicians, performers and composers. Previous winners included Tall Poppy label’s Belinda Webster, Warren Fahey, the founder of Larrikin Records, and jazz pianist Bob Sedergreen. Jon Rose - Australia Council Don Banks Music Award 2012 from Australia Council for the Arts on Vimeo.

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