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ON-THE-HOUSE offers a unique Audience Development Service. We provide promotion for The Arts to our extensive member base through giving away free tickets or selling cut price tickets.We have been operating successfully for over 10 years.

We are based in Victoria. However, our service has grown throughout Australia through word-of-mouth. To cater for the members Australia wide, we have extended our platform to enable multiple administrators to manage and promote events at various geographical locations.

Using our platform you can promote Arts events and get paid for it!  We will give you a toolkit and guide you so that you are successful in this process.

We are not charging initial fees for you to use our platform.

You will receive 70% from your overall earnings. We take 30% to maintain our website, application development, server maintenance and other ongoing fees.

In order to be successful, you will:

  • Develop a database of members,  suppliers and events.
  • Enlisting events/shows/film venues to the Platform
  • Promoting the Platform with the aim of attracting new members
  • Engage with media publicists to obtain complimentary/promotional tickets to shows
  • Sourcing entertainment artists, venues, producers, promoters to the Platform
  • Attending media launches and other similar events and provide feedback/write reviews.
  • Attract members to purchase or take up tickets through social media promotions or newsletter

We are calling on people in The Arts, right throughout Australia, who want to work in the area of marketing, promoting events to use our platform.

Interested to learn more about this opportunity please contact Irena to setup a meeting and to review our service agreement.

Irena Begelfor

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