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Triple R Station Profile

For over 30 years Triple R has shaped and inspired the culture of Melbourne's communities. Since its inception as an educational broadcaster in 1976, Triple R has become one of Australia's largest community radio station with over 11,000 subscribers and over 329, 000 listeners per week.

Triple R has - at last count - 62 wildly diverse programs on air. Music programs range across cutting edge contemporary sounds, pop, rock, country, metal, jazz, hip hop, reggae and electronic music. There are shows on gardening, cooking, art, science, pop culture, computers and technology, and film and theatre.

There are segments on health for you and your pet, legal advice, book reviews and our very own brand of talkback.

You can listen to gig guides and shows focussed on Australian music and artists, regardless of their perceived commercial potential.

There are even shows to help you get up in the morning and enjoy your breakfast, there are shows to put you to bed at night and give you sweet dreams (unless you stay awake just to hear Triple R's graveyard shift).

Triple R is a community run cultural jungle

Presenters are passionate and knowledgeable - they have to be as there are countless music lovers, culture creatures and wonderful nerds vying to get a show on Triple R. But not only that, Triple R presenters are volunteers. There are roughly 150 of them and they do it for the love. As a listener, you are treated by hosts who are genuine music fanatics or devoted experts in their field.

They wish to open your mind and rock it, caress it, or blow it apart with the sounds, songs and stories that they themselves find engaging and moving. They will feed you with information, point you in new directions, and open up worlds you had previously only wished for...

Oh you lucky listener

Triple R is not a commercial radio station - it relies on sponsorship and listener subscriptions to pay the bills, try to keep up with the latest broadcast related technology and improve and maintain the station's facilities. Most of these subscriptions are signed up during the annual 'radiothon'. For two weeks in August listeners are given the opportunity to win some truly awesome prizes if they call in and subscribe.

If you happen to subscribe at another time of the year, don't panic there are still a truck-load of benefits heaped upon you. Local retailers and service providers who are sponsors will offer you discounts. In addition, concert tickets, movie passes, t-shirts, books and CDs are given away to subscribers all year-round.

Radio is changing in the 21st Century, and Triple R is keeping its cable on the bit rate. The Triple R website is already providing audio streaming of programs at the time of airing. Studios are being upgraded to include better studio hardware and digital software. Improvements to computer networks and training facilities are priorities. Lack of initiative, ingenuity or enthusiasm certainly won't hold Triple R back, but lack of funds can always slow things down, so next year in August during radiothon we want to rake it in.

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