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Cre8ion is a dynamic theatre and events production company based in Sydney. We have been involved in a number of events of scale including Vivid Sydney, Helpmann Awards, 100 Mile Challenge NSW, World AIDS Day, Sydney New Years Eve and the Sydney Mardi Gras parade.

Cre8ion has produced a number of shows and toured them nationally including the Paris based, Argentinean singer Barbara Luna and her band with the Amanece Tour, Dirty Pretty Songs by Virginia Gay, The Fabulous Frances Faye in Australia by Nick Christo, Double Exposure featuring Paul "Flacco" Livingston and Marty Murphy, Flacco & Sandman Live featuring Paul Livingston and Steve Abbot and The Dora Fay Davenport Show by Nigel Sutton. Cre8ion also represents a number of productions including Winter’s Discontent by William Zappa, The Trouble with Harry by Lachlan Philpott, Hey World Here I Am – The Streisand Story by Avigail Herman and Fluff by Christine Johnston.
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