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White Rabbit is a not-for-profit contemporary art museum, displaying a broad range of works by Chinese artists. The museum was established and funded by the Neilson Foundation.

Since 2000, China has not just been busy proving that to get rich is glorious, it has also been making great leaps forward in art. Spurred by the changes around them and revelling in their new freedom, Chinese artists have eagerly re-explored all of Eastern and Western art and struck out in exciting new directions. Their energy, insight and superb technical skills have catapulted them to the forefront of contemporary art.

The White Rabbit Gallery allows Australians to enjoy this creative wonderland without leaving home. Open to the public at no cost, its constantly changing exhibits include painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, textiles and multimedia works. Wander the four floors of galleries or take a guided tour, watch a video in the theatre, then relax in the tea room with a glass of wine or a cup of cha.

WHITE RABBIT'S MISSION: To exhibit highly engaging works of contemporary art from China in an accessible environment.

For more information, check out what's Now Showing in our gallery, get a little education through our Discovery Program and learn more about our Artists.

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