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Adelaide Central School of Art

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Adelaide Central School of Art Inc (ACSA) is a school of art practice. It is an independent, not-for-profit, accredited Higher Education Provider that provides intensive training for students looking to develop a career as a practising artist. The studio-based programs deliver structured learning systems that build artistic and intellectual skills by drawing on the theory, history and practices of art. Founded in 1982, it has successfully established itself as a school of excellence in both teaching practices and student success and is a passionate national and international contributor to the discourse on contemporary art. Whether enrolled at ACSA in undergraduate awards, postgraduate awards or the specialist short courses, recreation programs, masterclasses or workshops, all students benefit from the range of experience and expertise offered by some of the most qualified and respected artists in South Australia. Small class sizes (maximum of twelve for painting, drawing and sculpture) and one-to-one interaction with lecturers provides a supportive environment for students. The School welcomes serious beginners, including school leavers just starting their studies in the visual arts as well as professional artists, teachers, designers, architects and craftspeople seeking to upgrade and extend their skills. Centrally located in a heritage building, the school site is an integral part of the Norwood community and shopping precinct and is easily accessible by public transport.
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