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Cineclub, the Young Filmmakers Network

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About Us

Cineclub is a network for young filmmakers to make, watch and share films with one another. First launched in the UK in 2004 Cineclub have trained nearly 1000 teachers how to set up and run sustainable filmmaking projects for primary students using low budget digital technology and free editing software that is accessible to everyone.

Cineclub has worked with close to 15,000 children from as young as 7 years old equipping them with skills to help them make and share their own films with their peers. We are now expanding the network by bringing Cineclub to Australia.

Cineclub firmly believes that film is a vital tool for learning and we have developed a sustainable filmmaking and film watching programme for primary schools, believing this to be a crucial stage in which to start engaging children with Media Literacy. We do this through an annual membership scheme which includes teacher training (PD), comprehensive resources, specialist films to view and critique, regular cinema screening events of students work and film competitions which celebrate student achievements. This enables schools to embed film within it's learning culture.

The Cineclub Membership scheme not only makes it easy for teachers to engage with film, but also makes it a cost effective option for your school. Teachers are passionate about making a difference to children's lives and we believe that through Cineclub teachers can develop new ways of inspiring their students and make an impact in the classroom.

Once your selected staff have attended Cineclub training, they can begin using film to engage their students straight away, either as a classroom based activity to enrich literacy and other subjects, or as an after school activity. Our sustainable model means that your staff develop as facilitators and your students' progress as learners, advancing their cine-literacy and practical filmmaking skills step by step.

At Cineclub we encourage learning through taking risks and making mistakes - a unique opportunity in today's results driven education system.

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