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About Ondru

Ondru is an independent non-profit organisation committed to provoking thought and evoking change through art. Ondru is a cultural organisation and was founded with an intention to make people feel and think, as a voice to express the variety of human conditions in a unique manner through art and literature, and with the desire to inspire positive social change.

Ondru is currently made up of about 15 volunteers at any one time. The Ondru Board has a maximum of seven members, (five currently)  including a Chair, Company Secretary and a Treasurer.

Our Values

Integrity, Respect, Compassion, Collaboration and Being a Pioneer

Our Goals

Our goal, as specified in the 2017 Strategic Plan, for the next 3 years is to EXIST; creating impact while being sustainable and being recognised for what we do.

Board Vacancy

The Board is currently looking for a Treasurer. Ondru is a young organisation with large vision and high values. We are looking for Board Directors who are willing to work hard to help us build the organisation. In particular we need people with networks (cultural/corporate/philanthropic/Government funders/) who are willing to broker relationships for possible funding, sponsorship and partnership opportunities. We are particularly keen to make connections with the corporate world and would regard highly an applicant who both shared Ondru’s values and who could broker such relationships.

Directors need to share Ondru’s ethos, values and awareness of what it means to be a cultural organsation who produces art for the purposes of social change as its core business. Ideally they would be well connected into networks in one of the areas we are targeting and willing to broker relationships for possible funding, sponsorship and partnership opportunities. They would also be willing to assist with fundraising and other duties as appropriate.

The criteria for the Company Treasurer role is set out below. Please note that this is a voluntary position.

About the role:

The Treasurer has all General Director responsibilities as well as those of Treasurer. Ondru Treasurer will be responsible to ensure that Ondru’s record-keeping and accounts meet the conditions of funders or statutory bodies, that the organisation complies with relevant legislation and that appropriate financial systems and controls are in place. Other responsibilities include:

  • Planning and preparing the annual budget for approval by the Ondru Board (in co-operation with senior staff if relevant) and then (with the Ondru Board) ensuring that the organisation operates within the budget as approved
  • Banking, book keeping and record keeping (ensuring that a proper record is kept of all money received and payments made and that accounts are reconciled at least once per month)
  • Regular financial reporting to the board, as well as to the AGM
  • Control of fixed assets and stock (ensuring proper records are kept and that required insurances are in place)
  • Ensuring that Ondru, maintains its DGR status as a cultural organisation and is in compliance with its obligations to maintain a public fund as set out under the Ondru Constitution

Selection Criteria

  • Ability to commit to Ondru’s values.
  • Previous experience as a Board Director with a non-for-profit organisation preferable
  • Demonstrated understanding of the legal duties and ethical responsibilities undertaken by company directors
  • Commercial experience in areas such as business strategy, fundraising, marketing and/or media
  • Previous experience in corporate governance would be highly regarded
  • Experience working in a treasury role in a non-for-profit organisation
  • Have a background in art and access to the arts sector and other relevant networks (Corporate/Philanthropic/Government funders) (Desirable)

Time Commitment

Ondru is a young organisation and as such we are looking for a Directors who will be actively engaged and involved in shaping the strategic direction of Ondru in accordance with our vision, values and objectives. Directors are expected to be able to provide a weekly commitment of between 6-8 hours a week, depending on the role.

At a minimum, attendance at all board meetings will be required. There are a minimum 6 board meetings per year / held bi-monthly, but may have up to 9 meetings if necessary, held in Melbourne CBD. Outside the meetings, time will need to be dedicated to review and consideration of meeting materials and attendance to out of session matters, as they arise. For particular positions on the Board, administrative tasks will also be required.


All new applicants will go through an induction process with the Chair and will receive support to become a fully fledged Ondru member.

To Apply

If you’re passionate about our mission and are interested in being involved in this exciting growth phase of Ondru, we’d love to hear from you! Please submit your cover letter and CV to by COB 25.9.2017.

We are intending to conduct interviews in October.

If you have any queries about the position and detailed responsibilities, please contact Anne Carson, Chair, Ondru Board on 0425 708 274.

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