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Terrapin Puppet Theatre

General Manager

Terrapin Puppet Theatre, based in Hobart, is the centre of excellence for contemporary puppetry in Australia, with a reputation built on a long history of success.  We are seeking a highly skilled manager who enjoys strategic development but in a hands-on role in a small organisation.  You will have an established record of management in the performing arts and have a passion for financial and administrative systems, alongside the development of markets and audiences, locally, nationally and internationally.

Full details of the position and company and how to apply are available from the “Staff” page on the website: or by emailing


  • Oversee the effective operation, administration and development of Terrapin to achieve its Mission.
  • Be accountable to the Board for the financial, human resources, promotional and administrative management of the company, and work collaboratively with the Artistic Director in the implementation of all aspects of the company’s artistic and business plans.
  • Be accountable to the Board for the company’s performance in fulfilling the strategic plan, not including the artistic plan, and other strategies as directed by the Board. Provide updated financial reports and projections against the Company’s operational plans.


Board Accountabilities

  • Assume full accountability to Board for all aspects of company operations and performance, except Artistic outcomes and those outcomes shared with the Artistic Director.
  • Ensure appropriate operational, planning, risk management and financial control systems are in place.
  • Monitor and report the company’s operational and financial results in accordance with approved plans and budgets.
  • Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory obligations.
  • In consultation with the Board draft the company’s business plan, and draft, or oversee the drafting of, other plans such as development, marketing and communications.
  • Maintain timely liaison with Federal and State funding authorities.

Board Accountabilities Shared with the Artistic Director

  • Develop and recommend to the Board the strategic direction of the company which responds to the AD’s artistic vision, and acknowledges market trends, and stakeholder and legal requirements.
  • Develop and implement strategies reflecting long-term objectives and priorities established by Board, and achieve agreed targets.
  • Protect and enhance the image and reputation of the company.
  • Maintain awareness of the business, economic, political and industry environment as it affects the organisation.
  • Identify and recommend opportunities for the financial development of the company, and implement strategies agreed with the Board.
  • Ensure Workplace Health and Safety legal requirements and policies are maintained. 

Governance and Compliance

  • Ensure all applications, acquittals and other reports for government, funding partners and other stakeholders are completed to the highest standard and submitted in a timely manner.
  • Ensure business requirements, taxation liabilities and employee entitlements are reported and paid in a timely manner.
  • Prepare financial and management reports for the Board, and attend its meetings.
  • Draft and update policies and procedures.
  • Maintain a current knowledge of industry trends and wider employment, financial and legal requirements. 


  • Develop and implement the annual budget in collaboration with the Artistic Director.
  • Manage the day-to-day financial activity of the Company, including monitoring cash flow and production budgets and ensuring that all expenditure is within budget and reporting requirements are met.
  • Develop and implement systems to monitor performance against budget.
  • Undertake the processing of a range of financial duties including payroll, accounts payable and receivable, superannuation, royalties and taxation.
  • Negotiate all business arrangements including leases, venue hire, performance fees, and contracts. 

Market Development

  • Build and maintain relationships with presenters, stakeholders, partners and collaborators; cultivate and maintain relationships with national and international presenters, venues and festivals.
  • Represent the company and/or make presentations at national and international markets.
  • In consultation with the Artistic Director research, develop, negotiate and coordinate bids and funding applications for national and international tours.

Travel and Touring

  • Research and book all travel arrangements for visiting interstate and international artists, and for Terrapin artists travelling across Tasmania, interstate and internationally.
  • Liaise with the freight agent for quotes, submission of carnets, and carnet financial arrangements.
  • Prepare touring schedules in instances where the production manager is not engaged.
  • Manage the booking and logistics of the annual Tasmanian school tour.                  

Marketing and Promotion

  • Develop, in collaboration with the Artistic Director, and implement marketing plans for productions and the general company profile.
  • Prepare and coordinate promotional materials including the company website, media kits, print and electronic materials.
  • Liaise with the media and co-ordinate media appearances. 


  • Coordinate human resources management, including negotiation and issuance of employee agreements and tracking employee entitlements.
  • Manage ticketing and front of house requirements, liaising with ticketing agencies and venues.
  • Manage personnel, financial, technological and administrative systems.
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Opportunity Type
Full Time
Arts Administration / Management

Tasmania Hobart

$79,000 - $84,000
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