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The Friends of The Australian Ballet (FAB) is the principal support organisation for The Australian Ballet in NSW.  FAB is an independent, not-for-profit, membership based company limited by guarantee, established in 1973.

It has a broad based charter to promote the appreciation of and access to ballet and the world of dance while focusing on The Australian Ballet Company specifically. The Friends principle activities are:

  • The cultivation of community, connectedness and access through the management and service of the organisation’s core membership of friends and ballet lovers by providing an array of activities and events which are educational, social and offer behind the scenes access to the world of dance;
  • Fund raising through a variety of events including approximately six Dress Rehearsals by the Company per year at the Sydney Opera House;
  • Profile building by the delivery of one or two prestigious, major, public events per year.

The FAB Council is seeking expressions of interest from suitably qualified individuals to be appointed to its Council. Council positions are honorary.

The suitable candidates will have a passion for the arts and have experience working on committees/boards or industry experience specifically in:

  • Marketing and events;

  • Information technology and business systems;

  • Grants and fundraising; and/or

  • Change management.

An expected time commitment of 10 hours per month is expected. This includes one 2 hour meeting per month, plus additional input as necessary, such as reading of Council papers and sub-committee work.

FAB is seeking new councillors as it is currently in a period of successful expansion with the development of a renewed and highly collaborative working relationship with The Australian Ballet. This has been demonstrated through the marketing and presentation of strategic, major public events directly to The Australian Ballet’s subscriber base and within The Australian Ballet’s marketing initiatives. Importantly FAB is expanding its “market reach” beyond its core members, working with other cultural organisations and developing its databases of active participants and affiliates.

Council Member Commitment

Council members act in the best interest of FAB and The Australian Ballet. Information provided through the course of being a Council member is confidential (unless in the public domain). 

This information should not be used for personal gain.  

This is a working Council, actively involved in the delivery of The Friends of The Australian Ballet events.  Members are expected to actively contribute their skills, networks and expertise to the development of the Friends organisation.

Council members have responsibilities in the areas of fiduciary and financial accountability, governance, legal compliance and ensuring the successful operation of the organisation. 

Council members are required to:

  • Attend monthly Council meetings consistently, with a maximum of two absences (without prior notification) allowed in a calendar year.

  • Commit 8-10 hours of their time monthly to engage in a range of activities which will include the below.

  • Attend FAB events and several of The Australian Ballet events. 

If a Council member is unable to actively contribute to the Council, they will be asked to vacate their position on the Council. As a lean organisation your contribution is imperative to ensuring the success of FAB. Active contribution will be at the discretion of the Executive and constitutes more engagement than just attending board meetings.

Key Competencies of Council members

It is understood that various Council members will be recruited for their specific skills and a breadth of expertise is sought for the Council covering areas such as financial, artistic, not for profit organisations, fundraising, branding and marketing, strategic planning, information technology, governance and legal, and activating philanthropic networks.

However it is essential that all Council members have an understanding of financial compliance in not for profit organisations or in public and private sectors.

Other skills required from the Council include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Event management
  • Governance and legal
  • Branding, marketing and public relations
  • Information technology and business systems
  • Fundraising – Government, sponsorship, philanthropic (including networks)
  • Artistic – understanding of the logistics and operational requirements of a cultural organisation
  • Change management

Key responsibilities of Council members

The Council governs the organisation and has legal responsibility for carrying out this role.   Such governance is carried out by:

  • Sustaining the mission and direction of the organisation;

  • Being responsible for the financial health and integrity of the organisation;

  • Being involved as a Council in the strategic planning and growth of FAB, including its philosophy, scope, scale and operating model;

  • Evaluating regular reports and periodic evaluation from the Administration Co-ordinator and Marketing and Events Co-ordinator to the Council of FAB on any and all of these areas;

  • Overseeing, guiding and directing the management of FAB, but not managing its operations on a day to day basis;

  • Retaining ultimate responsibility for the organisation;

  • Being accountable to the public trust, to members, supporters and all stakeholders;

  • Clarifying the primary issues facing the organisation;

  • Identifying the key issues of governance of the organisation;

  • Developing guiding principles and governance policies;

  • Clarifying the role, function and expectations of the FAB Council, Council membership and sub-committees;

  • Ensuring the organisation has the necessary resources;

  • Organising regular Council meetings and specific project task forces;

  • Contributing to the public face of FAB (if required) on key occasions, including sponsor/government lobbying/advocacy;

  • Spreading the good word of the FAB and The Australian Ballet with whatever constituency by whatever means.

Please send a cover letter addressing the criteria to the attention of the Company Secretary, Friends of The Australian Ballet. It must address the selection criteria and be accompanied by your CV and sent to by 5pm on Friday 22 June.

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