Newtown Entertainment Precinct Association T/A The Sydney Fringe

Treasurer and Board Director


 The Newtown Entertainment Precinct Association (NEPA) is a cultural industries organisation and advocacy group for the live arts and music sectors. NEPA was the founder and is the ongoing operator of the Sydney Fringe Festival which is NEPA’s principle business and area of focus.

 The Sydney Fringe Festival  was established by NEPA in 2010.  The Festival includes over 3,000 artists featured in over 250 works across all live arts disciplines at 50 venues.

The Festival enjoys widespread support and has established itself as an important platform for the independent arts sector and the development of new talent and new work.

Although the NEPA Board is small, it is unified, pro-active and robust. It enjoys the services of a Company Secretary and has recently instigated best practice Board governance policies and procedures including Board and Committee position descriptions, delegations of authority, Codes of Conduct and recruitment practices.

 The Board of Directors has recently approved the establishment of the following Committees, reporting to the Board and taking on functions and responsibilities as directed by the Board from time to time:

  • Audit and Risk Committee
  • Nominations Committee
  • Sponsorship Committee

We are seeking a passionate and committed professional to take on a Director and Office Bearer role as Treasurer. It is expected that this individual will act as a Director generally and also, as Treasurer, will oversee the financial administration of NEPA, review procedures and financial reporting and advise the Board on financial strategy.

It is the responsibility of the Treasurer to ensure that effective financial systems and procedures are in place and that those systems and procedures are consistently followed and are in line with best practice and legal requirements.

It is also expected that the Treasurer will sit on the Audit and Risk Committee.

Applicants with Not-for-Profit and/or private sector experience are encouraged to apply.

 Applications and further information including a Background of NEPA and the Sydney Fringe, Position Description and supporting documentation are available by email.

Please contact: Kathryn Martin, Company Secretary at

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Newtown Entertainment Precinct Association T/A The Sydney Fringe
Treasurer and Board Director
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