Opportunity for residents to join new creative centre

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Brooke Boland

107 Projects are looking for like-minded creative practitioners to join Joynton Avenue Creative Centre – with subsidised rates on offer.
Opportunity for residents to join new creative centre

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In October last year the hunt began for the head tenant of City of Sydney’s new multi-arts facility, the Joynton Avenue Creative Centre in Green Square. After a wide-ranging call-out for the right organisation to manage the new creative centre, experienced non-profit 107 Projects were chosen for the job. 

107 Projects are now calling for expressions of interests from creatives who would like to call the new multidisciplinary arts centre home.

‘It is going to be really inspiring, minimal and just a really beautiful space [in which] to work. It has a natural palette with lots of wood and they’ve kept the heritage elements of the building,which was part of the Royal South Sydney Hospital, so it has a real sense of history,’ said Jess Cook, Managing Director, 107 Projects. 

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The three-storey, heritage facility will house over 20 work spaces, including creative offices, studios, and jewellery-making benches. 

‘The jewellery studios will be very practical – they are purpose built for jewellery designers. But the rest of the spaces will be very light filled, very calm. It is much more of a quiet space compared to say Redfern Street which is a bit messier and hurly-burly. I think these new spaces are really well suited to podcast producers, writers, and designers,’ said Cook. 

A range of subsidised rental rates and terms will be available for the Centre’s mix of emerging, semi-established and established creative practitioners and organisations.

The site itself is still in the final stages of construction and is set to open late this year. It will be part of a cultural precinct with the emerging new town centre nearby. 

Who should apply

107 Projects are looking for the right mix of creatives including writers, graphic designers, architects, illustrators, electronic music producers, digital storytellers, jewellery designers, and start-up enterprises.

While each space operates independently, this offer is all about getting the right people under the one roof. 

‘We really want the space to have a mix of people. People, when they say hub, think it’s just a collection of people, but a real hub is when there are interlocking opportunities because of that diversity of people,’ said Cook.

‘It’s not just a “co-work” space where you just pay your fee, you come in and use the facilities and then leave. Successful applicants will be part of a much larger organism.’

Applicants need to be open to collaborating with other like-minded residents.

‘You might have a playwright who is looking at taking their work online and wants to connect with someone like Audiocraft, who may for instance be a resident. They then have this opportunity to collaborate and create a podcast of their play. There also might be a casting agent working there, and so they might work with the casting agent to connect and find great actors to read the work,’ explained Cook.

‘It is really important [people] see the place as an opportunity for their own growth, but also an opportunity to participate in the Centre as a whole and in the community.’

Applications close 10 August. Find out more and book a site tour at http://107.org.au/joynton-avenue-expression-interest/

About the author

Brooke Boland is a Melbourne-based freelance writer.