Welcome Madeleine Dore & get news on your mobile!

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ArtsHub is thrilled to welcome back Madeleine Dore as a regular contributor.
Welcome Madeleine Dore & get news on your mobile!

Image: Madeleine Dore.

ArtsHub is thrilled to welcome back previous deputy editor Madeleine Dore as a monthly contributor.

Dedicated to communities that encourage entrepreneurial and artistic careers, you may remember Madeleine's features for their strong focus on career advice, professional development and self-care. In her monthly column, she'll be speaking to emerging and established arts professionals to illuminate just how they got their start, unpack creative breakthroughs, and candidly explore the challenges and triumphs of working in the arts.

Madeleine is the founder of the interview project Extraordinary Routines. Her interviews, life-experiments, and articles regularly explore creativity, everyday life and the imperfections in between and have appeared in Sunday Life, 99u, Womankind, BBC, The Design Files, Kinfolk, and more.

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