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Chance to crowdfund a future in film

Tara Watson

Emerging filmmakers searching for a much needed financial boost might have a rare opportunity for an industry leg-up.
Chance to crowdfund a future in film

Image: Mission: Pozible 

Crowdfunding platform Pozible is teaming up with experienced film crowdfunder Thomas Mai offering five filmmakers financial backing through crowdfunding project Mission: Pozible. The competition is an open call to the filmmakers, offering a dedicated three-month program where Pozible will try to raise a minimum of $100,000 for each project for the five lucky winners.

Mai will work closely with each project to ensure they are as successful as possible. As a crowdfunder who has raised over $400,000 in three years for 11 documentaries, Mai said that in such a competitive industry, both a financial boost and clear direction are necessary. 


'In Australia and around the world it's hard to get funding for filmmakers, so in a the last few years I've been exploring crowdfunding as a viable option,' said Mai. 'Crowdfunding is a great option to not only get money but it is also a great way to: (a) Prove there is a demand for this but also (b) It’s a form of marketing so there is an audience you can bring with you. I think crowdfunding is a very powerful tool.'

Mai said that the problems often encountered by filmmakers is that they finish and market a film without an existing audience so with or without funding the film will struggle gaining mass appeal. 

'Professionally people learn at film school how to pitch to the gatekeepers, people who can write a cheque and how to talk to an institute or an organisation, the agents and the TV stations. They are never told how to pitch to an audience and there is a huge difference,' said Mai.

The difference with Mission: Pozible, said Mai, is that not only will filmmakers raise funding but they will learn how to use crowdfunding as a mode of marketing, to pre-sell tickets to a screening of their film, merchandise and to sell experiences, such as visits to the set.

Mission: Pozible has just opened applications for the prize, taking submissions from crowdfunders seeking over $100,000 for the next month until 20 August 2014. Mai said the most viable projects will be chosen that have a realistic chance of reaching Mission: Pozible's set goal. 

'We are looking for films that we can believe have a chance of reaching the goal of $100,000. That’s the first thing and will there be a target audience? That’s the key. It’s about how we can tell the story, how the story comes across to the audience. It’s all about the why, why are we doing this, why is this important and that’s what we’re looking for in our applicants,' said Mai. 

Mission: Pozible
Applications close 20 August 2014.

For more
information & to apply for the project visit Mission: Pozible

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