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Bachelor of Arts (Digital Design)

Curtin University

About the Course

Students select their pathway of study within the Digital Design major from areas that include web-based design, 2-D and 3-D animation design, digital photography, digital illustration and rendering, interactive and experience design, simulations and modelling, and electronic game design. This programme will provide a comprehensive theoretical and practical education experience aimed at developing the essential creative and practical skills and knowledge to design products and applications using current and relevant digital technologies.

Career Opportunities

Graduates will be equipped with relevant industry skills specific to careers as: website designers; 2D & 3D animation designers; as designers in the field of interactive design for digital simulators; designers in  3D modelling and rendering; character and avatar designers, mobile and computer game designers.

Course requirements

To obtain the award for the BA (Digital Design), students must complete a total of 24 units (600 credits) as follows:

Level One (200 credits)

  • APC100 Academic and Professional Communications (25 credits)
  • COM155 Culture to Cultures (25 credits)
  • VAR100 Art and Design Fundamentals (25 credits)
  • VIS18 Historical Issues in Art and Design (25 credits)
  • DIG100 Animation Design Introduction (25 credits)
  • DIG120 Animation and Special Effects Compositing (25 credits)
  • Two elective units (25 credit each = 50 credits)

Levels Two and Three (400 credits)

  • Complete four level two major units (100 credits) AND
  • Four level three major units (100 credits) AND
  • Eight elective units (200 credits)

Note: The OUA electives must be completed at an undergraduate level. It is recommended that only 4 of these electives are chosen from 1st year level units.


To be eligible for a Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) in this degree, you must be:

  • An Australian citizen residing in Australia for all or part of your studies; OR
  • A New Zealand citizen who will be residing in Australia for the duration of your study; OR
  • The holder of a permanent visa who will be residing in Australia for the duration of your study; OR
  • The holder of a permanent humanitarian visa will be residing in Australia for the duration of your study;
  • Able to meet the university admission criteria requirements.

Please note: You can still enrol and pay for your units via FEE-HELP or an upfront payment if you are not eligible for CSP.

How To Apply

No application needed to start


  • Academic and Professional Communications
  • Culture to Cultures
  • Animation Design Introduction
  • Art and Design Fundamentals
  • Introduction to History or Art and Design
  • Animation and Special Effects Compositing
  • Internet Design Introduction
  • Internet Interactivity Design
  • Motion Graphics Design Introduction
  • Universal Design Principles
  • Internet Dynamic Environment Design


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